Is Chiropractic in Lancaster Right for Children?


should kids see a chiropractor

Every parent ultimately wants their child to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware of the benefits that chiropractic care can provide in terms of an improved immune system and resistance to certain health conditions. Our chiropractor in Lancaster explains how chiropractic care can be just as beneficial to children as it is for adults.

How Safe is Chiropractic for Children?

To put it quite simply - yes. Chiropractic care is safe for children as evidenced by multiple scientific studies that were conducted to answer this precise question. The fact is, chiropractic care is completely safe for children of all ages. Even newborns are safe and sound with an experienced chiropractor.

Does Chiropractic Work for Children?

Now that we have established that chiropractic care is safe for children, is it even effective in the first place? Once again, there is a mountain of evidence that says yes! Many of the patients we treat in our office are children brought by their parents. The reason why they arrive to be treated at our office is to experience relief from everything from chronic ear infections to colic so that their exhausted mothers can rest. Even if your child is not experiencing any symptoms, chiropractic care can be beneficial. When a child’s body is in proper alignment, they are better able to handle growing pains and grow unimpeded.

While children are rightfully viewed as resilient, they are certainly not invincible. Children can face misalignments due to any number of incidents that are just a part of growing up. Everything from wearing their backpack at an awkward angle, to falling off the playground swing, to playing contact sports, can result in nerve interference in their spine. As a result, it is wise to make sure everything is properly aligned from time to time.

Does Care Differ Between Children and Adults?

The fundamentals of chiropractic care remain constant whether a chiropractic is treating an adult or newborn baby. However, the amount of pressure used and the type of technique will change dramatically. To illustrate this, the amount of pressure applied to an infant is as gentle as testing the ripeness of an avocado with your index finger. The amount of pressure required to adjust patients differs drastically depending on the patient, and your chiropractor will perform his adjustment accordingly.

If you suspect your child may benefit from chiropractic care (i.e. if they walk in a tilted fashion) then it is best to take advantage of our special offer. Contact Krueger Chiropractic Clinic in Lancaster today to give your children a head-start on the path to lifetime wellness.

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