Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a college athlete laden with injuries over the years, Dr. Krueger has come to the rescue every time. Not only does he provide thorough evaluations and treatment, but he also educates his patients about their injuries and prevention techniques in such an expert way that I have become very knowledgeable about my injuries through him! His wide range of expertise has greatly benefited me as well as others. I have become a better and smarter athlete through the thoughtful diligence of Krueger Chiropractic Clinic."

- Christian R.

"As my young daughter and I walked through the doors of Krueger Chiropractic, we were greeted warmly by the receptionist. Even on our initial visit, we enjoyed a minimal wait time and were quickly escorted back to see Dr. Krueger. My 11 year old competitive swimmer had been complaining of lower back pain. She was just beginning a new season, and we were both concerned about how this pain might affect her ability to compete. Dr. Krueger invited my daughter and I to sit and chat about how she was feeling. He spoke to her in a kind and considerate manner, asked her questions about her interests, and made her feel almost immediately comfortable. His evaluation of her was thorough and gentle. Once he determined the probably cause of pain, he began treating her that first day. She felt relief almost immediately. We returned for three subsequent visits. After each visit, the pain lessened until it was eventually gone. Dr. Krueger's keen understanding of the chiropractic process and the human body coupled with his innate ability to connect with patients makes him a uniquely equipped doctor. He was invaluable in my daughter's healing, and I would recommend him to anyone is search of a highly effective and efficient chiropractor."

- Sarah Y.

"Our family has been so pleased with the care we have gotten at Dr. Krueger's office. Between sports injuries and work injuries our family has visited the office several times. Dr. Krueger made it so easy to understand how the injuries occurred and how they can be prevented in the future. My son, a college runner, has especially benefited from Dr. Krueger's expertise. I am amazed at how quickly he has healed from his injuries and with Dr. Krueger's help has even been able to change his stride enabling him to run safer and faster."

- Elias & Emily R.

"The day I turned 57 is the day that I met Dr. Keith Krueger. As I went to stand after my birthday celebration I was in great pain and unable to walk. The second session that I had, Keith suggested the orthotics system. I was a little hesitant because, after all, I’m really cheap. After listening to Keith’s description I decided to try the system.

The big day finally came when the purple and black (yes, you can choose the color!) orthotics arrived. Keith explained that they may feel awkward at first and I should only wear them one hour additional each day starting with one hour the first day. When I slipped the orthotics in and stood up I felt instant relief on my deformed toe and wore them home. I knew he said only one hour but I wore them out to dinner that night.

My son asked “Didn’t you work today, you’re moving pretty good?” My reply was the orthotics came in today and they feel really good. I worked the next day at the store and was on my feet all day. At the end of the day, I was still wearing my only two hours orthotics.

On day four I had a session. The first thing I said to Keith was if you think I’m only wearing these for hours you’ve got to be crazy. I’m not even up to a week, but I still wear the orthotics totally and the only thing I have to remember is not to overdo it."

-  Pete Haines Orthotics

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