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  • Encourage patients to eat well and supplement.
  • Encourage purification 1-2 times per year. This is a great way to lose weight, detox, and reset your system to begin much healthier eating habits.
  • Encourage everyone to get adequate Vitamin D and zinc for health immune function. This was imperative during COVID-19. We offer immune function health packs.
  • Help with digestive issues.
  • Advise athletes to make sure they get good nutrition, get adequate protein, and replenish after hard workouts. During injury, avoid medications when possible and turmeric (and other) can be very helpful in decreasing inflammation naturally. Turmeric can be a part of a healthy regular diet because information is a precursor to many disease processes. Important for athletes.

General Health

  • General health pack (Catalyn, Trace Minerals, Tuna Omega), can also include these products as individual products for those who only want one at a time.
  • Turmeric Forte
  • Cataplex B-Core - important B vitamins missing from the SAD
  • Calcium Lactate - Calcium/Magnesium combo
  • Magnesium Lactate - standalone magnesium product
  • EZ-Mg - 100% plant based mult-nutrient and mult-mineral


We do purification process 1-2 times per year (optimal in fall and springtime) - Includes weight loss benefit

  • Chocolate with gastrofiber or with whole food fiber
  • Vanilla with gastrofiber or with whole food fiber
  • Original flavor with gastrofiber or with whole food fiber.

Immune system


  • Immuplex - daily multi-vitamin for the immune system - one of the top 5 products
  • Cataplex D
  • Zinc Chelate
  • Immune system health pack (veg) - 2 packs per day for maintenance


  • Congaplex
  • Immune system health pack - 10-day supply at 3 packs per day for acute, use Immuplex alone for maintenance.

Sports and Recovery

  • Sports recovery Pack
  • Sports performance pack
  • Possible bar
  • S.P. Complete (original, dairy-free, choco, vanilla)
  • Whey Pro
  • Veg-E Pro (choco and vanilla)
  • Turmeric Forte
  • Glucosamine Synergy
  • Ligaplex I (acute injuries)
  • Ligaplex II (maintenance/chronic)


  • Turmeric Forte
  • Glucosamine synergy
  • Ligaplex II
  • Boswellia complex
  • Nervagesic - nerve pain
  • Saligesic - safe longer-term alternative to reduce amount of NSAIDS needed or eliminate altogether for chronic musculoskeletal pain especially low back pain

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