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Wellness Works - A Cost-Saving Program that Works for You

Our office is pleased to offer a chiropractic care discount program to our monthly & semi-monthly patients. Keep reading to learn more about how Krueger Chiropractic Clinic: Keith Krueger can help you increase your wellness.

If you want to maintain regular chiropractic visits at our office, but don't have insurance coverage to accommodate them, or if your insurance costs are too high to sustain ongoing visits, then Wellness Works is for you!

Wellness Works enables patients to pay just $39 for their visits (up to 2 visits per month) that include a chiropractic adjustment and/or physio-therapy.* (electric muscle stimulation, S.A.S.T.M therapy, ultrasound, etc.) That amount is lower than most co-pays these days! High deductibles and co-pays should never prevent you from maintaining the health and mobility you've worked so hard for. This program is also incredibly useful for athletes and other folks who participate in regular physical activities that can cause wear and tear on the body, such as runners, tri-athletes, cyclists and swimmers. Regular chiropractic care helps restore and maintain your body to keep you performing at your best! Call us at (717) 393-9505 to learn more and to join our Wellness Works program.

*Patients are required to commit for the duration of the calendar year in which they sign up.

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