The Lancaster Barnstormers

Yes, Lancaster, PA has its own baseball team! Consider catching a game after visiting your local Lancaster Chiropractor! The Lancaster, PA Barnstormers signed Tom Herr as is first team manager in 2004.  Its current manager is Butch Hobson.  The Lancaster, Pa Barnstormers are a professional American baseball team, but not affiliated with major League baseball. They are a member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

But Lancaster, PA is not a stranger to baseball.  Though it was 44 years wait for the sport of baseball to return to after the Lancaster, PA Red Roses folded after its 1961 season

Prior to the 2004 beginnings of the Lancaster, PA Barnstormers, having a local baseball team was not foreign to the Lancaster, PA area.  In the 1860’s, as men returned from the civil war, those men were accustomed to playing some baseball while in the military.  That passion would continue.  In the 1880’s two teams emerged in Lancaster: the Lancaster Lancastrians and the Lancaster, PA Ironsides.  Other teams, such as the Lancaster, PA Chicks, played from 1894-1895.  In 1887 an all African American team, the Giants, followed.  Despite the social pressures of the day, the Giants were enthusiastically supported by the community. Between the years 1896 and 1899, the first team called the Lancaster Maroons played in the original Atlantic League. In 1905, the second inception of the Maroons played in the Tri-State League.

In 1906, the Lancaster, PA Maroons became the Lancaster, PA Red Roses. This created some rivalry between with the York team, the White Roses.  As both teams were named for the opposing factions in England's historic Wars of the Roses, the name change seemingly infuriated the rival White Roses.

In 1932, a second era of baseball began with a new team, the Lancaster Red Sox.  The Lancaster, PA Red Sox were an affiliate of the Boston red Sox and played in Lancaster city.  Unfortunately due to the economic conditions of the Great Depression the team folded in June of the same year.

Eight years later, in 1940, the Lancaster, PA Red Roses would again emerge as the Lancaster, PA Team along with 4 other teams in the interstate league.  Unfortunately, baseball in Lancaster, PA would again end in the early 1960’s and await the beginnings of the Lancaster, PA Barnstormers in 2004.