Visiting The Lancaster Central Market

Learn about the Lancaster Central Market from your Lancaster Chiropractor.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is counted by many as one of the best places to live in Central Pennsylvania.  One of the reasons for this is the many local farmers markets and availability of fresh, organic, local meat and produce.  Many of the small towns in Lancaster County, such as Lititz, Manheim Township, Ephrata, East Petersburg and Leola are home to some of the best farmers in America. And while it’s true that one could drive down any of the winding roads of Lancaster County and find a fantastic small farm stand, the farmer’s market that is considered the best in Lancaster County is Lancaster Central Market.  Lancaster Central Market is located in Penn Square in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Lancaster Central Market is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in America.  There are few other buildings in Lancaster, Pa that have such historical significance.  The land for Lancaster Central Market was officially approved for market space by King George II in 1742. The first Central Market building was erected in 1757.  The current building went up in 1889. The city of Lancaster engaged English architect James Warner early in that year to design a building that would impress. The desired effect was to create a building that offered majesty and stateliness.  His design proposed “a red brick façade, two terracotta-topped towers, and an expansive slate roof.”  This design stands to this day and everyone who walks by feels the original intent.   In 2011 Lancaster Central Market received a 7 million dollar renovation bringing it up to modern standards while maintaining and preserving its history.

Today, the Lancaster Central Market draws upwards of 3000 people weekly.  One can wander through the large market building and buy anything from fresh Lancaster County produce, local poultry, fresh flowers, homemade bread, Amish crafts and cuisine, as well as a variety of international treats: international favorites include Henner and Heidi Steinle’s German Deli, Narai Thai & Asian Cuisine, Rafiki’s Deli, Saife’s Middle Eastern Food, and Stella’s Authentic Greek Cuisine.  Whether you are in downtown Lancaster for lunch or to buy your weekly groceries, Central Market fits the bill.

The Lancaster Central Market doors open to the public three days each week: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. “Each Market day begins with a soft opening at 6 a.m., followed with a full opening at 7 a.m.  Standholders open at their discretion before 7 a.m., as many collaborate with local chefs or fulfill wholesale offerings prior to the busy-ness of a bustling Market day. Tuesday and Friday closing time is 4 p.m., and Saturday closing time is 2 p.m.”  It’s a good idea to jot these hours down so you don’t find yourself in the unfortunate position of walking downtown with you market bag in hand, only to find you’ve come on the wrong day!!

In conclusion, whether you are a Lancaster, PA native or one of the many tourists who come to the Amish Country each year, the Lancaster Central Market is a must! Don’t miss visiting a piece of history.